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Katie Toner

Katie Toner (she/her) is an autistic/ADHD advocate and owner of UNITE CLUB. Katie lives in Northumberland and was featured as part of the BBC folk North East Project - with song “A dream for you” written about her life as a neurodivergent person.

Her passion is creating inclusive spaces and supporting the community to embrace and understand neurodivergence.

She loves all things sensory regulation and can often be found under her weighted blanket watching RuPauls drag race for the 1739373th time, eating her safe food. (Sound familiar anyone? 😆)


Our story began

Katie’s passion for inclusion started at an early age, growing up in a diverse wider family allowed her to accept those who might seem ‘different’ and embrace all the amazing things they bring to the world, working hard to make sure everyone feels included.

Her drive to foster connection and support for families inspired the inception of Dark Sky Sleepovers, providing unique and inclusive experiences for families celebrating a special occasion.

However, her desire to do more led her to establish Unite Club, a platform dedicated to helping families find the support they need, GROWING, CONNECTING and UNITING to build a more inclusive and understanding world, together!

Through her innovative businesses, Katie is making a meaningful impact by creating spaces where everyone feels welcome and valued.

Her lived experience means she truly understands the strengths and struggles faced by the families she meets.

So come along and ‘Find Your Tribe’ at a Unite Club session today!